Floor Installation

We supply and install laminated and real wood floor coverings. Being a certified Quick-Step Master Installers we guarantee perfect fitting every time and 2 year installation warranty with Quick-Step. Choosing a certified installer insures the product warranty won’t be invalidated by a wrong installation.

Staircase Cladding

Laminate and wood floor planks could be used for stair cladding. We have mastered the process of creating a flawlessly continued interior when finishing your staircase to match your new flooring.

You may also want to reinstate and strengthen your old wobbly squeaky stairs. Please check our previous projects to see the amazing results which could be achieved for less than half the price of a new staircase.

Floor Maintenance

The aftercare of your newly fitted flooring is very important for its long-lasting and appeal. Quick-Step have a range of cleaning equipment and chemicals to best match the quality of their flooring products. Please ask our Master Installers for more information and discounts on cleaning products.

As there are instances where your flooring could accidentally be damaged, we offer floor repairs and plank replacement. And for wooden flooring we do sanding and staining, varnishing or oiling for you to continue enjoying the beauty of your home.

Why choosing us?

a few reasons why we may stand out from the crowd
  • Certified Master Installers

  • Discounted Materials

  • Free Estimates

  • Five Years Extended Warranty

  • Aftercare Help and Advice

  • First Class Customer Service

We team up with professionals from all trades

and we could help with any building project

small or big so please do not hesitate to contact us


From our numerous past building and maintenance projects we have learnt that our customers feel much better when someone else takes the burden from their shoulders and takes care of their renovation tasks and chores.

It is always much easier when a single contractor is responsible for your construction project and you don’t have to be a referee between builders who try to blame each other for every botched job. We have the logistics experience and trade accounts in all materials warehouses and stores which allows us to synchronise the deliveries with the construction stages of the project.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with enquiries from planning and design to the after builders cleaning.
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